Quentin Tarantino Is Developing A Star Trek Movie And It Sounds Epic

Tarantino is teaming up with J.J. Abrams and may even direct the movie.

Star Trek Beyond USS Enterprise crew
50 not out Star Trek Beyond's USS Enterprise crew. Image Picture Paramount

Quentin Tarantino is developing a new Star Trek movie alongside J.J. Abrams and may even end up directing the next instalment in the sci-fi franchise, which could focus on time travel and a bloody war with the Klingons.

Deadline is reporting that Tarantino has already pitched his idea for a Star Trek film to Abrams and Paramount and it was well received by both parties.

The plan now is to assemble a writer’s room to help further flesh out Tarantino’s pitch and see if it is viable option for the next feature-length instalment in the franchise.

Tarantino previously opened up about his desire to helm a Star Trek movie during an appearance on The Nerdist podcast, where he suggested his Star Trek movie would take inspiration from two time travel-themed episodes of the show.

Specifically, Tarantino cited the fan-favourite episodes “The City on the Edge of Forever” from Star Trek: The Original Series and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Quentin Tarantino has finished work on the script for his ninth film and it’s already shaping up to be something extraordinary. The script is currently doing the rounds with all the major studios and has already drawn comparison with Pulp Fiction both thematically and structurally. It was previously reported that the 54-year-old was putting together a film focusing on the infamous Manson Family murders. However, a report from Deadline indicates that the script, which is currently being referred to as #9, will be a multi-threaded story with the Manson murders just one of several stories set to play out. #9 will be set in Los Angeles, in and around the 1960s and early 1970s and has already attracted interest from several big names. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Brad Pitt all all thought to have held discussions with Tarantino about starring in the film. Margot Robbie is also rumoured to be interested in appearing in the film, with reports previously suggesting the Wolf of Wall Street actress was being lined up for the part of a fictionalised version of Sharon Tate. Tate was one of the five people murdered during the 1969 incident that saw members of Manson’s family invade the home she shared with her husband Roman Polanskia in California. Tate was pregnant at the time of her death. Tarantino is currently shopping the script around Hollywood after severing ties with Miramax and The Weinstein Company in the wake of the allegations levelled at Harvey Weinstein.
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“Yesterday’s Enterprise” sees the crew of the Enterprise rescue a heavily damaged ship that was thought destroyed decades ago.

What Captain Picard and his crew don’t realise, however, is that the ship they rescued comes from an alternate timeline and their actions cause a rift in the space time continuum which sees the crew return to a timeline where the Federation is caught in a long and bloody war with the Klingons.

Though Tarantino is unlikely to steal that plot verbatim, he’s evidently a huge fan and would be keen to adapt and develop a similar concept for a feature length film.

“The whole thing with that episode [Yesterday’s Enterprise] that was so cool, they save the ship, but little do they know by saving the ship it’s actually in a different time period — but they don’t know that,” he told Nerdist.

“But what ends up happening is — because they screwed up with the timeline, everything changes. The characters don’t know it, but we know it.

“And the thing about it is, it turns out that the Klingons and the humans on earth have been having this hundred year war that’s been going on, and it’s just the bloodiest war imaginable in the history of any universe.”

Quentin Tarantino directing Django Unchained
Lining up a shot Quentin Tarantino directing Django Unchained Image Picture The Weinstein Company

“I actually think that [Yesterday’s Enterprise] is not only one of the great space stories, but the way it dealt with the mythology of the whole thing — that actually could bare a two-hour treatment,” he added.

There’s no word yet on whether Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto and the rest of the current Star Trek roster will return for another film but all of the cast of the current reboot trilogy are contracted for one more film.

Furthermore, with Abrams likely to return as producer with Tarantino potentially directing, most of that cast could be in the frame to return and would no doubt be pushing to do exactly that.

Star Trek Beyond Zoe Saldana John Cho
Trekking Zoe Saldana and John Cho in Star Trek Beyond. Image Picture Paramount

Star Trek Beyond, the last instalment in the franchise, earned favourable reviews upon release but failed to ignite at the box office.

With that in mind, Tarantino could yet be tempted to start from scratch but given that the director will also be busy with his latest as-yet-untitled film that looks less likely.

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