Giggidy giggidy goo.


Quagmire’s Hypersexuality To Be Addressed In #MeToo Focused Family Guy Episode

By Jack Beresford

July 25, 2018

Everyone’s favourite hypersexual cartoon character Quagmire is set to get something of a dressing down on Family Guy in the wake of the #MeToo Movement. Giggidy.

The character, who is known for double entendres, innuendo, and general lasciviousness, will be put through the ring on the upcoming 17th season of the hit animated series.

But given the way the show has dealt with sensitive issues in the past, you can be sure that the results won’t be overly sensitive or that the character will take an apologist approach. That just isn’t Seth MacFarlane’s style.

Producers Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin confirmed that Quagmire’s behaviour could come under the microscope during their appearance at San Diego Comic-Con”

“The Me Too stuff became such a cultural force while we were writing for next season and we are taking it head on with Quagmire. Trying to be pretty fair about the whole character we’ve got, and [creator Seth MacFarlane] completely encouraged us to do that. In fact I think he took a specific interest in this episode.”

Quagmire’s character has been involved in some pretty interesting and, at times, controversial storylines in recent seasons that have touched on issues surrounding domestic abuse and transgender concerns.

He even had his penis bitten off by a shark in one episode, only to later undergone a successful transplant operation.

The move comes as The Simpsons continue to deal with the fallout from criticism over the show’s use of the character Apu with voice artist Hank Azaria in the firing line.

MacFarlane will pull no punches with Quagmire either, having made gags touching on Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey in the past.

Commenting on the plans, Sulkin said:

“I think the key to that is just number of jokes times volume of shows. We tend to talk about a lot of different subjects, and it’s bound to happen that it will line up somehow at some point. And I feel like now, with the sort of Trump era and the Me Too movement and all that kind of stuff, we just have a few extra prongs that are lining up at the right time.”

Family Guy will return for a 17th season this September.