Puma revive probably the best football boots of all time

Sorry England fans

Beautys The Pumas are now on sale Image PUMA

It’s been 30 years since THAT goal from Diego Maradona so Puma have decided to mark the occasion, and ease the re-opening of old wounds for England fans, by re-releasing one of the finest looking boots they’ve ever made. 

The Argentine danced past the England defence to score one of the greatest goals in World Cup history in a match that also featured the infamous Hand of God incident.

Since then, the boots he wore that day have been immortalised but now Puma have decided to pay tribute to them with an updated version.

Stunning The beautiful boots will set you back a mere £180

The 2016 edition of the magnificent boots have been remade using the original tongue, upper and stitching pattern specs, compounding that beautiful vintage look. 

Unfortunately they are not cheap, or else we would have bought about a 1,000. 

You’ll have to fork over a mere £180 for the boots. Worth it?

Let’s relive the stunning goal from Maradona to help you make up your mind. 

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