Indisputable Proof MILFs Are Back And More Popular Than Ever Online

Reports of that the appeal of Stifler’s Mom and the many MILFs out there have been greatly exaggerated.

American Pie star Jennifer Coolidge.
Jennifer Coolidge The original MILF in American Pie 3 Image Universal

There was a time when the appeal of MILFs was in serious decline.

First popularised by John Cho in 90s teen comedy American Pie to describe a ‘Mom I’d Like to F*ck”, pretty soon blokes everywhere were pining after their mate’s mums, or that older looking lady from down the street.

But by 2015 the appeal of MILFs appeared to be on the wane, as previously reported, Pornhub revealed that the term had fallen significantly down the adult movie streaming website’s listing of the most popular search terms.

In its place, terms like college and babysitter had become more commonplace among the red-blooded types searching for thrills online.

But perhaps loaded has been worried over nothing because fresh data has revealed that MILFs are back and perhaps more popular than ever on some rival sites.

Data copiled by fellow five finger shuffle enthusiasts xHamster entitled “Year In Porn” has showcased the porn streaming website’s most popular content.

And it would appear that MILFs are back on top, with the category of “mature” women proving to be the most popular according to the new figures.

That’s only the half of it though; with the data also highlighting that the word “mom” was the most searched-for term in the US.

There was a time when the appeal of MILFs was in serious decline. But that period is over.

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