Proof Aliens Exist? Mysterious ‘UFOs’ Filmed By THREE Eye-Witnesses

The truth is out there. And by “out there” we mean it’s down in Kuwait.

UFO Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Image Columbia Pictures

A raft of footage featuring a mysterious floating orb floating high above the sky of Kuwait has conspiracy theorists convinced that aliens exist.

Three separate eye-witnesses uploaded the footage to YouTube, chronicling what could feasibly be a UFO, flying up in the night’s sky high above the Middle Eastern country.

The footage is already been seen by some UFO experts as resounding proof that aliens not only exist but are keeping close tabs on human kind.

Conspiracy theorist Scott Waring, from the website, reckons the footage stands up as “overwhelming” evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

“It’s more than most sightings ever get,” he explained on the website. “It must have been seen by thousands of people.”

Waring also had an explanation as to why these alleged alien beings may be visiting Kuwait rather than, say, the United States – and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

“Kuwait is an ancient country with ancient traditions still in place,” Waring notes.

“This is probably more reason for aliens to want to visit there for its history than to visit America for its new innovations.”

The footage is just the latest in a long line of stories centring around footage that purports to show the existence of alien life.

Previously, loaded has brought you news of the little alien spotted walking through a park in Chile and the footage of a giant flying saucer being escorted through Area 51 by government officials.

This may be the most compelling bit of footage yet, though.

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