A Premier League player’s son has been posting creepy clown threats online

Pennywise would be proud.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennyswise
They all float down here Bill Skarsgard as Pennyswise Image Picture EW

The creepy clown phenomenon has well and truly spread across the UK with incidents now being reported as far north as Dundee and as far south as Plymouth.

A story has now broken that a Premier League footballer’s son has been involved in a social media stunt involving threatening posts on an Instagram account claiming a group of creepy clowns would be meeting outside school gates.

The rather sick practical joke reportedly lead to the evacuation of eight schools in the Liverpool area and the police were called.

The as of yet unnamed kid confessed to his school’s head teacher after an assembly was called to discuss the warnings.

Police across the country have been forced to issue warnings to people dressing up as clowns with intent to scare that they could face arrest or fines for harassment.

“We have received a number of reports of people being intimidated or frightened by others dressed as clowns” said Supt Duncan Greenhalgh, from Surrey Police talking to the Daily Star.

“At the very least, their actions can cause fear and distress to other people. Their behaviour could also lead to them being arrested for a public order offence.”

It’s a strange old world we live in these days.

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