Pub Guide Reveals Premier League’s Cheapest And Most Expensive Pints

Find out where to drink before heading to the match with this new guide.

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New data has revealed the cities offering the cheapest pints to visiting Premier League football fans – and the stadiums that charge the most.

Football fans know the drill: you turn up to a game a couple of hours early and sink a couple of beers before kick-off. It’s part and parcel of the experience and can come in pretty handy during a cold, windy night in Stoke. But have you ever wondered which cities and venues offer the best value for money and which might leave you feeling short changed?

OddsMonkey have, which is why they have just launched the Premier League Pub Guide. It’s an interactive guide that not only provides information on the average price of a pint in any given city or town with a club in the Premier League, it also offers away fans a handy guide on which pubs to head to ahead of the game.

It’s fairly common for away fans to be turned away from certain venues for wearing a team shirt or being a fan of the opposition. While most pubs welcome fans from both sides, it’s nevertheless handy to know, in advance, which may end up turning you away.

Away fans heading to Anfield, for example, are advised to head to The Arkles Pub while Newcastle’s boozer-of-choice for the neutral is the Head of Steam.

Yet it’s the info offered on the cheapest and most expensive pints on offer that could wet the whistle . Burnley is home to the cheapest pint for away fans in the city centre (£2.20) while Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge charges the most for pints at the Stadium (£4.80).

These are the citie with the cheapest pint price before a match:

Team City Pint Stadium Pint Mark-up
Burnley £2.20 £3.20 £1.00
Stoke £2.50 £3.20 £0.70
Huddersfield £2.55 £3.20 £0.65
Swansea £2.60 £3.90 £1.30
Liverpool £2.80 £3.40 £0.60
Everton £2.80 £3.30 £0.50
West Brom £2.87 £3.40 £0.53
Watford £2.90 £4.10 £1.20
Bournemouth £2.98 £3.50 £0.52
Newcastle £3.10 £3.60 £0.50
Man Utd £3.15 £4.00 £0.85
Man City £3.15 £4.00 £0.85
Leicester £3.23 £4.00 £0.77
Southampton £3.30 £3.50 £0.20
Brighton £3.45 £4.20 £0.75
Chelsea £3.93 £4.80 £0.87
Tottenham £3.93 £4.30 £0.37
Crystal Palace £3.93 £4.00 £0.07
Arsenal £3.93 £3.90 -£0.03
West Ham £3.93 £3.90 -£0.03

Peter Watton at OddsMonkey says:

“It was no surprise that northern Burnley’s prices for a pint in the city centre were considerably cheaper than the prices in London.

“Hopefully, our Premier League Pub Guide will serve as a useful tool for away fans to research their hosting city, and choose welcoming pubs for a fraction of the price!”

Fans Ticket Prices Could Be Paid For

These are the prices of pints in the centre of each Premier League city:

Football Team Price of pint in city centre
Arsenal £3.93
Bournemouth £2.98
Brighton £3.45
Burnley £2.20
Chelsea £3.93
Crystal £3.93
Everton £2.80
Huddersfield £2.55
Leicester £3.23
Liverpool £2.80
Newcastle  £3.10
Manchester City £3.15
Man united £3.15
Southampton £3.30
Stoke £2.50
Swansea £2.60
Tottenham £3.93
Watford £2.90
West Brom £2.87
West Ham £3.93

Check out the full interactive guide here.

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