Everton, Crystal Palace And Chelsea Fans Drink Most Alcohol In Premier League

There's good news and there's bad news...

New research has uncovered more about football fans’ habits, including those that drink and smoke the most.

It was found that Everton fans drink the most alcohol in an average week, consuming 43 units on average, followed by Crystal Palace (40 units) and Chelsea fans (35 units).What’s more, it was found that during the World Cup, Britons will watch 16 games on average and will have 240 units during this time. 

The lifestyle habits of football fans have been revealed, with it being found that more than half of Manchester United support smoke (51%) and have, on average, 22 cigarettes a day. 

www.FootballTips.com carried out the study with 2,400 UK-based adults aged 18 or over quizzed, all of whom revealed that they followed football and supported at least one of the premier league teams. Respondents were split evenly over all 20 teams. 

Wayne Rooney playing for Everton
Wayne Rooney playing for Everton Image Getty

Initially, all participants were asked “How many units of alcohol do you drink, on average, in a typical week?” and they were given a unit guide for reference. Researchers then found the average for each team, with the results emerging as follows: 

  1. Everton – 43 units (on average) 
  2. Crystal Palace – 40 units
  3. Chelsea – 35 units 
  4. Tottenham – 34 units
  5. Man Utd – 31 units 
  6. Stoke City – 30 units 
  7. Burnley – 26 units 
  8. Man City – 25 units
  9. Liverpool – 23 units 
  10. Arsenal – 21 units 
  11. West Brom – 18 units
  12. Newcastle – 17 units 
  13. Swansea – 15 units 
  14. Huddersfield – 10 units
  15. West Ham – 10 units
  16. Watford – 8 units 
  17. Southampton – 6 units
  18. Brighton – 6 units
  19. Bournemouth – 5 units
  20. Leicester – 4 units 

Respondents were asked if they always drank alcohol when they watched their football team play (either on TV or in person) with 89% saying ‘yes’.

When respondents were asked where they preferred to watch their team play, 21% said either the ‘pub’ or ‘at home’. Of these participants, 67% said this was because it was easier to drink at these locations, compared to trying to get a drink at a stadium. 

Manchester United's David De Gea
David De Gea The Manchester United stopper Image Getty Images

With the World Cup fast approaching, researchers next wanted to find out more about drinking habits during these matches. All participants were questioned about how many games they believed they would be watching this year. Taking all answers into account, the average emerged to be 16 games. 

All respondents were asked how many alcoholic drinks they believed they consumed during a World Cup game, with 15 units emerging as the average (equivalent of 6 pints of beer at 2.5 units per pint). Taking this into account and the previous answer, researchers found that Britons will drink, on average, 240 units each during the World Cup; or 96 pints of beer.

The recommended number of weekly units for the average person is to not exceed 14 per week and the World Cup will last for just over one month; meaning the average fan will exceed their recommended “allowance” by 184 units over the four week period.

Frank Skinner and the Three Lions gang.

When all participants were asked if they smoked as part of the lifestyle questionnaire, it was found that Manchester United (51%), Liverpool (47%) and West Brom (44%) were the teams with the highest number of smoker fans.  

Respondents who admitted that they did smoke were then asked how many cigarettes they had, on average, each day, with Manchester United topping the list again with 22 cigarettes, followed by Watford (20) and Burnley (19).  

Tom Rooney, spokesperson for www.FootballTips.com commented:  

“Going to the pub or inviting friends round and drinking whilst watching your team play is tradition, but it is surprising to hear just howmany alcohol beverages Everton fans are knocking back each week on average. It’s also astonishing that so many fans are still smoking, although I’m sure these figures are a fraction of what they may have been a decade or so ago.” 

“Drinking during the World Cup is also a given for the majority, but maybe we should all calm down a bit…the number of units fans predict they’ll be downing is slightly worrying!” 

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