The Predator Reboot: 7 Big Talking Points From The Film’s First Image

Shane Black's first glimpse from the set of The Predator has got us speculating.

Shane Black along with the cast of The Predator.
'The Predator' Shane Black and the cast of The Predator. Image Shane Black/Twitter

The first image from Shane Black’s upcoming Predator reboot, The Predator, has arrived and fans are already speculating on what he may have in store for fans.

Due to be released in 2018, Black took to Twitter to offer a glimpse of the cast for the new film, sparking plenty of talking points at loaded in the process.

Here are just seven for starters.


Colonel George Dillon meets Carter J. Burke 

The casting of Sterling K. Brown, an actor known for playing well-educated lawyer types in shows like  American Crime Story and The Secret Life of Us was an interesting one from the off.

And given Brown’s lack of weaponry in this first image, loaded is thinking his character could serve as some sort of fusion of Carl Weathers’ Dillon from Predator along with a little of Paul Reiser’s Burke from Aliens. Namely, he has some sort of dastardly plan up his sleeve.


He ain’t got time to bleed

When news first broke that 50 Cent was being lined up for a role in The Predator, we have to admit feeling a little apprehensive. Just watch Escape Plan or Righteous Kill and you’ll see why.

Thankfully, Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes landed the role instead, and on the basis of this image alone he appears to be immersing himself in the role of all-round-military-badass (nice tatts) and borderline psycho, much like Bill Duke and Jesse Ventura in the original. He oozes aggression from the off here.


Boyd Holbrook is Benicio Del Toro

It’s also worth remembering that Del Toro was originally slated to star in The Predator, with Holbrook drafted in in his place, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere.

However, having seen Holbrook take on a darker, more meaty role as one of the prinicipal bad guys in Logan, loaded has a new-found confidence in him here, with the all-American actor likely to take charge of proceedings if his position at the centre of this image is anything to go by.


Is it Ripley or Vasquez

It would be easy to suggest Munn has been cast as something of an Ellen Ripley stand-in of sorts for this movie but all the clues point to something way cooler.

For example, the leather glove her character is sporting in the accompanying image is no accident and, when combined with her military attire, suggest Munn may instead be taking on the role of ass-kicking grunt a la Vasquez from Aliens. Given that she has yet to truly command her own blockbuster, we also suspect that, like many of her supporting cast she could end up as cannon fodder.


The Wise-cracking Wimp

Black will know only too well that any movie-based military unit worth their salt requires a wise-cracking secondary character – he played that very role himself in the first Predator.

The casting of Keegan-Michael Key certainly hints at that, with the popular US comedian potentially adopting the kind of approach taken by Bill Paxton in Aliens. Sorry to keep harking back to another franchise, but the two are so intertwined it’s difficult not to.

In any case, Key’s nervous look and unsure approach when it comes to holding his gun (his hands are clasped, almost protectively) hint at a more cowardly approach than his cohorts.


A Modern Setting

Black has previously stated that the events of The Predator take place in the modern day, just after the first two films but before Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, and the addition of Room’s Jacob Tremblay to the cast, along with his noticeable rural attire, suggests events could be heading to middle American.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like their last outing there: Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.


Someone Missing Shane?

Black may be all smiles in the accompanying image but it would appear that one key player is missing from the picture – Thomas Jane. The Punisher actor has been cast in the film but it would appear that the director is keen to keep details of his character under wraps.

Your guess is as good as ours on that one.

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