Power Rangers movie accused of looking eerily similar to Chronicle

Max Landis is far from impressed at the trailer for the Power Rangers movie reboot.

New Power Rangers movie line-up
It's morphin' time The cast line up for the new Power Rangers movie. Image Picture Lionsgate/Saban

The hype surrounding the upcoming big screen return of The Power Rangers reached fever pitch with the release of the first full trailer for the new movie.

Bryan Cranston, who featured in the original kids show, is set to appear once again with the Breaking Bad star stepping into the role of Zordon this time around while Elizabeth Banks has been cast as Rita Repulsa.

Prior to the release of the trailer, fans had only seen glimpses of the new rangers with everything from Pink Ranger’s rather unusual breast plate to Blue Ranger’s David Brent-esque pose alongside the brand new droids.

The trailer has changed all that though, with fans now drooling at the prospect of a Power Rangers movie that harks back to the original show’s core appeal but even bigger and even better.

Not that everyone is completely enthused.

Max Landis, the writer of sci-fi breakthrough hit Chronicle, can’t help but notice that much of the action in the new trailer is somewhat similar to his work.

The screenwriter is not alone in this assessment either, with plenty of other fans noticing similarities between the new Power Rangers promo and Chronicle.

Pitting five teenagers from the small town of Angel Grove, the movie sees this group of ordinary school kids transform into animal-themed cyborg ninjas to take on a foe threatening to put an end to our world as we know it.

Power Rangers is due to be released in March 2017.

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