Post-fight taunts overshadow Michael Bisping’s big UFC 199 win

Class finish, but not so classy in victory.

Michael Bisping
Bloodied UFC star Michael Bisping. Image Picture Christopher Lee/Getty

We have a new UFC champion – he’s British, he’s excited, really really excited, and goes by the nickname “Left Hook Larry”. He is Michael Bisping.

Bisping was crowned middleweight champion at UFC 199 in a one-round TKO finish against the over-confident Luke Rockhold.

The nasties didn’t end in the ring either. The post-match press conference left a sour taste in the mouth as Bisping and Rockhold picked up where they left with some savage trash talk.

Bisping, of course, was gloating about his victory but his taunts show the mark of a seriously flawed champion. His homophobic “f*ggot” jab at Rockhold suddenly turned this below-the-belt exchange into something truly nasty.

The full exchange, courtesy of MMA Fighting, is below:

Rockhold: “…give your respect. Don’t be a smug d*ck about it.”

Bisping: “I did. And I came back to you and…”

Rockhold: “Nah nah nah nah nah.”

Bisping: “You’re a f**king a**hole. Go f**k yourself.”

Rockhold: “It was your moment and you had and you lost it.”

Bisping: “Get knocked out again motherf**ker.”

Rockhold: “I’m gonna get you. I will f**k you up.”

Bisping: “Get knocked out again. Yeah yeah go f**k yourself. Back of the line you f**king c**ksucker.”

Rockhold: “Any f**king time.”

Bisping: “Hey hey hey you shake my f**king hand you pussy. I’ve f**king knocked you out twice now. F*ggot. Oh sh*t I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry. Delete that comment from the…”

You can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in the ring, but if Muhammad Ali taught us anything it’s that any kind of prejudice in sport isn’t acceptable.

Michael Bisping could learn a thing or two from The Greatest.

Watch Bisping’s interview with Loaded from earlier in 2016 below:

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