Have You Attempted The #PortaPottyChallenge Yet?

It’s every bit as stupid as it sounds.

The #PortaPottyChallenge.
The #PortaPottyChallenge. So wrong and so dumb.

Portable toilets might be a necessity at music festivals and on construction sites but they are grim, depressing, places you would rather spend as little time in as possible.

Maybe it’s the smell, the humidity, the confined conditions or the shitty toilet paper and hand soap options but the simple fact is that no one goes in a portaloo by choice.

Unless that is, they happen to be engaging in the brand new on-trend challenge that is sweeping the world and the internet.

It’s called the #PortaPottyChallenge and it’s every bit as dumb as it sounds.

The challenge is simple enough: it’s about cramming as many people as possible in a single portapotty. So far, there have been some pretty “impressive” attempts if you can use that sort of word to describe a bunch of people in a toilet cubicle.

One cross-country team crammed 12 into a single stall. Nice one.

Another upped the ante by fitting 16 in there. Jesus, that must have been intense.

There’s even one Twitter user that claims to have fit 21 people in a single portapotty.

21! That can’t be beaten, right? Wrong, this lot managed 40.

It’s proven a hit on Twitter with the hashtag #PortaPottyChallenge going viral worldwide.

Things could go seriously wrong of course. You could get stuck in there. Or the whole thing could collapse leaving you in something approaching a shower of shit. The dangers and hazards are endless.

Fancy having a go?

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