PornHub Debut’s First Ever Music Video To Incorporate On-Screen Sex

The adult entertainment streaming giant is taking things in an interesting new direction.

A very different kind of music video
A different kind of music video A dirty one Image Pinterest

PornHub has never been afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to the expectations surrounding adult entertainment websites but even by their own impressive standards, the streaming giant’s latest venture is an interesting one.

Not content with a range of diverse projects that includes everything from porn designed specifically to encourage pandas to procreate and a series of fundraising initiatives promoting safe sex, PornHub is now taking an unexpected step into the world of music.

It comes after the adult entertainment site celebrated the exclusive debut of the latest music video from American metal band, King 810. 

The band King 810.
King 810 The band behind the explicit clip Image The King 810 website

Entitled “Le Petite Mort” which translates to “The Little Death” as a direct reference to the sensation an orgasm has been famously likened to. 

More importantly, the video is the first of its kind to ever incorporate on-screen sex and is NSFW to say the least.

Featuring a whole host of well know stars, the likes of Jasmine Summers, Jamie Foxx and Amber Ivy all appear as part of an imaginative clip directed by the group’s lead singer David Gunn.

Adult star Amber Ivy
Adult star Amber Ivy Image Pinterest

Debuting on PornHub, the video could give rise to a whole new genre of adult-orientated music videos on similar sites and truly has to be seen to be believed. 

Unfortunately, to do so, you’ll need to head over to PornHub, which can be accessed here.

Welcome to the future of sex and music, everybody.

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