The Most Popular Spots For Public Sex Have Been Revealed

What's your outdoor fantasy?

Sex on the beach
Sex on the beach What's the most popular spot for outdoor sex?

A new study has been revealed which shows how many people have had sex in public places. Turns out, a lot more people are having sex outdoors than you’d think.

Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans to figure out the most popular places for a public rendezvous.

The most popular place across the board is the park. 17% of participants revealed they’d had sex in a park.

The second most popular location for outdoor sex was the beach, with 13% of people surveyed admitting they’d hooked up by the sea.

public sex
Superdrug Online Doctor

Other favourite locations include; public bathrooms, parking lots, the office and public pools – we are officially never going near a public pool again, considering the amount of urine and now sperm in the water they should be banned…

On the other hand, less common choices for public sex were a church and an elevator.

It also turns out Americans and Europeans have a lot in common when it comes to getting it on in public; both regions enjoy a park romp while Americans are more likely to have sex on a hiking trail than Europeans.

Another surprising find was that women’s three top locations for sex were the same as their male counterparts. They both chose the beach, park and dressing rooms.

Despite the shared penchant for outdoor locations, women are less likely to jump at the opportunity to have sex in public. Sometimes the fantasy will just suffice.

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