How Political Upheaval Could End Civilisation In The Next Three Years

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Donald TrumpImage Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Loads of awful stuff happened in 2016, and we mean LOADS – Donald Trump, Brexit and the death of David Bowie being just a few that spring to mind.

We were glad to see the back of it over New Year, but according to one expert, we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. Not by a long stretch.

A leading professor has predicted that the state of political turmoil around the world is only going to worsen in coming years, and it could ultimately result in the end of human civilisation as we know it.

As The Mirror reports, Peter Turchin from the University of Connecticut believes that a great deal more social upheaval is heading our way, and we’ll suffer unprecedented levels of “political violence” as a result.

According to his findings, an unstoppable chain reaction was set off by last year’s political developments, and it could mean we’re all totally wiped out by as soon as 2020.

Turchin based the findings on ‘cliodynamics’, which views the study of history as a traditional science, analysing past trends to identify future occurrences.

Turchin claims that increasingly large divides between the rich elite and the lower class will cause huge divides in society over the next few years, but we just might be able to avoid an all-out apocalypse if we’re lucky.

“The descent is not inevitable… we can avoid the worst – perhaps by switching to a less harrowing track, perhaps by redesigning the rollercoaster altogether,” he wrote.

So, it sounds like we’re all doomed and there’s very little we can do to stop it. Happy bloody new year.

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