Police Officers Have Been Caught Dealing Laughing Gas Online

Officers were found selling Nitrous Oxide canisters on Ebay.

Laughing Gas
Laughing Gas Police has been caught selling NO2 canisters online Image Getty Images

UK Police Officers have been caught red handed after selling laughing gas canisters online.

Devon and Cornwall Police has promised to amend its force policy after officers were found to be selling the recreational drug Nitrous Oxide on eBay.

Five boxes of the canisters were withdrawn from the site, but one box had already been sold for £10. The canisters were being advertised as power whipped cream dispensers.

Inhaling the gas for recreational purposes has become increasingly popular over recent years.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Some concerns have been received based on the public conjecture that NOS can be used for illegal, i.e. narcotic, purposes.

“A suitable warning around misuse of the item was included along with the sale details.”

They added: “We would like to make clear that the sale of NOS chargers is not prohibited in the UK, and that such items are widely and legally available both online and in retail outlets.

“On reflection, we regret placing these items for sale. Our force policy has been revised to ensure these items are destroyed and not sold. All similar items have been withdrawn from sale.”

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