Police Muscle: The Instagram Account Showcasing The World’s Most Stacked Law Enforcement Officials

By Loaded

January 17, 2018

It takes a lot of guts to be a police officer. A lot of guts and a hell of a lot of muscle.

If proof of that were ever needed, then the Instagram account Police Muscle may have just provided it.

The account amounts to a collection showcasing some of the most musclebound law enforcement officials to ever cross the blue line.

There’s a hell of a lot of bulging muscles on display here, as well as a few officers going one step further with a spot of on-camera strength-based chicanery.

It’s not just restricted to male police officers either – there are just as many female officers seemingly happy to showcase their own athletic prowess on camera.

Sure, some of the people showcased on Police Muscle Instagram page might come off as a little nutty, posing with guns or showing off with some sort of elaborate squat or similar exercise.

But all in all, this is just a bunch of very healthy looking do-gooders showcasing the fruits of their labour.

A lot of blood sweat and tears must have gone into looking this good, so credit to those involved for having the confidence to celebrate themselves.

After all, it’s likely that the majority of these folk put their bodies on the line each and every day to protect people in America.

If that means they also feel the need to strut around and pose a little, then who are we to stop them? They are saving our butts each and every day.

It’s not just the police that feature on Police Muscle either but also a raft of individuals who have evidently come out of the armed forces and beyond.

The account has already proven popular.

To date Police Muscle International has made an impressive 3,285 posts and attracted 214,000 followers to date.

“Fashion is the anchor that united us all in this strong community,” a short blurb reads.

Sure thing guys – go Police Muscle!