Police In Yorkshire Are On The Hunt For A “Phantom Pooper”

This time the pooper had a strange message for his victim.

Mr Hankey the Christmas poo from South Park.
Mr Hankey The Christmas poo Image Comedy Central

UK police are on the hunt for a man who was caught defecating on a woman’s doorstep for reasons unknown.

West Yorkshire resident Sara Price spotted the man squatting on the door step of her Elland home earlier this month. She immediately confronted the man on the doorstep of her house, but was shocked when he told her “don’t worry, love, I’ll put it in the bin.”

He then took out some toilet paper and wiped his backside in a move that suggests this could have been a premeditated poo.The phantom pooper then made his escape, though he was captured on CCTV footage from a camera positioned just above the door of the house.

Sara’s daughter, Aurora, subsequently shared the footage online, in the hope that someone out there might be able to identify the devious defecator.


Speaking to Metro, Aurora details the heinous scene that greeted her mother when she opened the front door of their home.

“I don’t think she [Sara Price] believed what was happening or wanted to believe what was happening. She told him that he wasn’t to put anything in her wheelie bin and asked him to leave. I don’t think he was quite finished and she decided to go and get the hosepipe. He actually finishes off and wipes, I think he had a full roll of toilet paper in his pocket just in case.”

“As he was putting the tissue in the bin my mum managed to spray him with the hosepipe…She didn’t want to hurt him but I think that was the only way she could think of getting rid of him. He ran off up the road and we haven’t seen him since.”

Do you know this bloke? He's full of crap, by all accounts.

Police have so far failed to identify the mystery pooper – though it wouldn’t be the first time law enforcement has been left baffled by this kind of crime.

Over in the US, police have been on the lookout for a female pooper, guilty of repeatedly defecating on the front lawn of Colorado Spring resident Cathy Budde’s home.

Dubbed the “mad pooper” by her kids, the case bears some similarities to the one reported in West Yorkshire. The two are unlikely to be connected though.

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