Police Fired Shots At A Music Video For This Stupid Reason

This is a giant case of shoot first ask questions later...

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
Police Fail... Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Image Picture Warner Bros

American police might have overreacted slightly when they broke up a music video shoot after mistaking it for an actual armed robbery.

Shots were fired after police were called to the scene of a reported robbery in Detroit, Michigan that they assumed was being conducted out of a black Jeep with no doors. [via Detroit News]

Apparently, neighbours had called 911 assuming that shit was going down on their street.

To make matters worse, law enforcement witnessed a man run out of said Jeep, armed with what they assumed to be a gun, he then approached a random Aston Martin and appeared to be robbing it.

robbery detroit
Trav Houston

When the police confronted him, he turned towards them still holding the prop gun. Never a good idea. The officers began shooting at the individual, but luckily no one was hurt.

In a classic case of assumption being the mother of all fuck-ups, the police at the scene eventually discovered that the robbery was, in fact, an innocent music video shoot which had failed to gather any filming permits in the area. The shoot was shut down, and the participants were arrested.

While we understand the need to protect and serve, shooting first and asking later is probably not the best course of action.

That being said, all loaded wants to know is, when is this video coming out because we need to see it. 

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