Police Cadet’s Career Hangs In Balance As Adult Movie Past Is Revealed

The rookie law enforcement official, from Germany could yet be dishonourably discharged.

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A rookie police officer from Germany has the right to remain silent after it emerged that he previously starred in an adult film centred around a sexy orgy.

The Sun first reported on the unnamed officer last month, after it emerged that the Berlin academy graduate had once appeared in a film called Pimmel Bingo, which roughly translates as Penis Bingo.

Already uploaded to a host of adult film websites, the clip has attracted thousands of views and tells the story of two women who travel to a flat in Berlin to see if the occupant wants to have sex.

One of the women then ends up being offered €3,000 to have sex with 10 men. What follows is purge carnage, with the young cadet very much in the thick of the action for the bulk of the 11-minute film.

The offending film Lacking production values Image The Sun

Available to purchase on DVD as well as view online, the entire incident has created something of a media storm that took a fresh turn this week when a female politician came out in support of the unnamed officer.

Green politician June Tomiak, who is just 19, expressed her belief that that porn actually “makes people more tolerant” in quotes carried by the Daily Mail – though his unfortunate choice of language in later comments did generate a few childish giggles here at loaded.

“This stiff handling of the issue is so out-of-date in 2017,” she told reporters. “In my opinion, he seems to bring with him the right preconditions for police service.

A moments rest Before it's back to business Image The Sun

“Good porn is helping people become more open and tolerant when dealing with body image and sexuality.This should definitely be welcomed.”

Unfortunately for Tomiak, it would appear that those behind the scenes with the German police force are less convinced and the officer’s entire career now hangs in the balance.

Mind you, it would be the first time he’s been involved in a dishonourable discharge.

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