Police Block Drug So Powerful It Can Kill You In One Breath

The prescription drug is 100 times stronger than morphine and is being sold recreationally.

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Police have taken action over a potentially deadly drug, which is strong enough to kill you in just one breath

There is increasing concern amongst US law enforcement officially surrounding the extreme painkiller Fentanyl; a synthetic opioid which is estimated to be around 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine.

They are prescribed to relieve high levels of pain, but they’ve come to be widely traded as recreational drugs over recent times.

It’s part of an ongoing operation in the US to tackle the abuse of opioids – drugs that effect the nervous system to relieve pain.

Fentanyl is thought to be the most dangerous example of its kind. Contact with the drug, or inhaling even trace amounts of the substance could prove to be fatal.

Fentanyl The dangerous opioid Image Getty Images

In fact, an Ohio police officer narrowly escaped with his life last month after brushing Fentanyl off his clothes, and would have died had he not received overdose treatment.

Rod Rosenstein of the US Drug Enforcement Administration revealed in a statement that higher levels of opioid use must be tackled.

“Inhaling just a few airborne particles [of fentanyl] could be fatal,” said Rosenstein.

It just goes to show that often the most dangerous drugs aren’t necessarily always illegal.

Drug police in the UK were also on high earlier this year, after a batch of dangerous 100% pure cocaine was released into circulation, which is strong enough to kill users.

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