Poker star Sofia Lövgren reveals the secret to becoming a pro

Meet the 26-year-old Swede taking over the world circuit.

Sofia Lövgren
Sofia Lövgren The Swedish star cleans up at the High Rollers table Image

For most of us, the closest we’ll ever get to a High Rollers poker table is watching Rounders and Casino Royale on Netflix.

But for pros like Sofia Lövgren, poker is a way of life, and high-stakes cash games are day-to-day occurrences.

The 26-year-old is one of the new players making a name for herself on the international circuit, and the Swedish star looks set to achieve great things in the future.

loaded spoke to 888poker ambassador Sofia about the intricacies of the game, and her best advice for amateur players.

Poker star Sofia Lövgren
Sofia Lövgren Ever wondered the secret to becoming a pro? Image

When asked what it takes to make it professionally, Sofia said: “First of all you have to be very professional. Play with bankroll management.”

“There’s a lot of great poker players who are really, really skilful, but they have no bankroll management, and that’s why they will never be secure long-term.”

She added: “You must understand that you can’t learn poker over one day, that you need to do a lot of practice, and learn through failure.

“It’s all about practicing and trying to develop your poker game. Don’t think you can learn poker over a few days. Get to know good players and discuss it as much as you can. That’s one of the best ways to become a good poker player I think.”

Sofia first started playing online as an 18-year-old in 2008, and quickly discovered a talent for the game.

“I’ve play a lot of online cash games for many years. I’ve also played a lot of live cash games through travelling… So I’d say cash games are my biggest success of all.

“I’ve been very close a few times in big tournaments to a big win… I feel like it’s about time to win something.”

Sofia might have cut her teeth playing online cash games, but the poker world is changing fast, and she says new players should be aware of the changes to the game.

“I think a few years ago, online poker was very, very easy. Online has developed a lot in a few years though. So, for sure, the games online are a lot tougher than they were. I think live poker has been easier lately than online poker.”

“Online is so much more convenient. When you get home you get a glass of wine and you chill. It’s very relaxing,” she says.

“[But the] casino is very much about meeting people, travelling and when you play in a live cash game you can talk to players. It’s very fun to meet players from around the world. I like the combination. They both have benefits.”

Sofia has also encountered plenty of celebrity poker stars during her time on the circuit, including a few football legends.

As we speak, Sofia has just finished a game with Teddy Sheringham in London – but who’s the best celeb she’s played against?

“Ronaldo played Poker, and I think he made a few good moves… he’s a legend, and he knows how to play.”

Sofia Lövgren, who is an 888poker ambassador, was speaking at the 888live Poker Festival held at Aspers Casino, Stratford. As the centrepiece of the 11 day poker festival, the ‘Main Event’ offered two starting flights (or opening rounds in non-poker terms) with an entry-fee of £880 and a prize pool of £200,000.

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