Pokemon theme in 20 different styles from the 90s is your video of the day

The theme tune will evoke pure 90s nostalgia.

Squad goals Pokemon line up to hear the latest tune from ten second goals

Ten Second Songs is back and the brains behind it, Anthony Vincent, is taking on Pokemon and the theme tune. 

Ten Second Songs is a YouTube channel that offers different interpretations of particular songs over the course of 10 seconds.

So for instance, if you wanted a song that showed Blink-182 taking on the Pokemon theme or maybe Frank Sinatra singing Katy Perry’s Dark Horse this is the place.

Pokemon has had a little bit of a rebirth recently with Pokemon Go hitting the app store… what do you mean haven’t heard about the single most annoying mobile phone craze since Flappy Bird. 

But to be fair, getting back to the video, Ten Second Songs is pretty good, check out his YouTube channel here for all other similar songs.

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