Pokémon Go officially jumps the shark with hand-free Poké-Han device

Some people might call these gamers innovators. Loaded calls them assholes.

Pokémon Go
Gotta catch 'em all Image Picture Nintendo

The Pokémon Go craze sank to a new low after a photo emerged online showcasing one group’s “innovative” way of enjoying the game, hands-free.

First posted on the image sharing website, Imgur, the picture shows three young guys wearing neon-coloured coat-hangers that have seemingly been taped together and retooled to create a crude-looking frame/holder for their mobiles.

It means the three have their hands free to, from the looks of it, mostly pose while looking for more Pokémon to catch. Yey!

Just to be clear: these guys are walking around with coat-hangers around their necks.

Pokemon Go hands free
So this is what it has come to? Pokemon Go? Pokemon blows more like. Image Imgur

At this point it is probably worth pointing out that all three appear to be far too old for games involving catching digital cartoon monsters.

Still, at least they have their hands free for other activities and may even be able to focus a little bit more on the world around them.

It comes after one Pokémon Go fan, who was otherwise engaged with the game, ended up getting stabbed and, worse still, decided not to seek immediate medical attention, preferring instead to focus on his hunt for the little critters.

The Poké-Han device could yet come in handy though, with a Pokémon porn parody already available online and likely to be of some interest to these newly hands-free gamers.

Then again, perhaps it is best not to give them any ideas.

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