Playboy’s 15 sexiest Playmates of the 1970s

Playboy's greatest from the disco era.

Playboy Playmates of the 1970s Carol O'Neal
70s Bunny Playboy Playmate Carol O'Neal. Image Picture Playboy

Watergate, Vietnam, disco, the counterculture movement… the 1970s was quite the decade.

In an era of huge upheaval after the swinging 60s, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy was still very much in its glory days, playing a key part in the sexual revolution.

There was still money in the bunny back then, with the magazine hitting a circulation peak of more than 7 million thanks to the Pam Rawlings-fronted 1972 edition.

Though Hef has sold off the Playboy mansion and the mag is reportedly up for sale, the publication lives on online and boasts an incredible publishing back catalogue.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 15 stunning Playmates from the height of Playboy’s popularity…


Cathy Rowland

Playboy Playmates of the 1970s Cathy Rowland


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