Survey Reveals The Places Guys Last The Shortest In Bed

If you're from Wales, you might want look away now...

Is sex during the work day a good idea? Image Lovehoney

A new study has revealed which parts of the UK last the shortest amount of time in bed, and it makes for very interesting viewing.

Certain parts of the country can be very proud of their record after reading this, but if you’re from Wales you might want to look away now…

According to a study by, which featured 2,374 people aged over 18, Welsh folk last only an average of 4 minutes per session on average.

Things don’t get much better in London either, as lovers in the English capital only clock in at 17 minutes on average.

On the other end of the scale, lovers in East Anglia and the South West have some of the best stamina in the country, lasting 1hr 8mins and 1hr 1mins respectfully – there must be something in the sea air.

However, the study shows that couples in the West Midlands are the best lovers in the country, lasting an impressive 1hr 17mins on average.

People of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton – we salute you.

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