A Pizza Cutter That Sounds Like Darth Vader’s Lightsaber? Buy You Must

Something tells us you are going to Obi-Want this novelty pizza cutter.

The Force Is Strong With this pizza cutter Image Lucasfilm/The Foundry

Star Wars and pizza go hand-in-hand like C3PO and R2-D2, but even so, the idea of a lightsaber pizza cutter sounds like an idea from a galaxy far far away.

Available for the eye-watering price of £16.99, this may not be the pizza cutter you are looking for but it’s certainly the one with the most Force – when it comes to tackling a cheese-filled crust, that is.

Based on Darth Vader’s iconic weapon, this pizza cutter comes with one extra special feature – it not only looks the part when cutting but also sounds it too.

Good, let the pizza flow through you Crusts and all Image Lucasfilm/The Foundry

As you slice through your pizza of choice, you’ll hear plenty in the way of “vwa-woooming” noises, as part of a feature that could become increasingly annoying with every passing use.

But maybe that’s the point? Maybe the idea is that these lightsaber noises will be enough to put you off eating as much pizza as you used to.

Well, that or you just end up eating pizzas whole. In such situations, the “roll up” method works a treat.

There can be only one Wait, no, that's Highlander Image Lucasfilm/The Foundry

Officially licensed by Lucasfilm – because they are never ones to shy away from a merchandising opportunity – the pizza cutter does require three LR31 button cell 1.5v cell batteries and is definitely not dishwasher safe.

The only real disappointment comes with the fact that the cutter features a 21.6cm stainless steel blade, rather than a gorgeous beam of red light capable of cutting through everything from a Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas to Luke Skywalker’s wrist.

Oh and it won’t make your pizza taste any better – if you strike one down with this cutter it won’t become more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Best of all, by cutting the pizza you won’t have to use the forks – to eat it that is.

Is that enough Star Wars puns now? loaded is tired and hungry.

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