Someone Has Combined A Pizza And Burger To Create Fast Food Perfection

Will someone PLEASE bring this to the UK.

Meet the Meatzza Burger and Pizza in one glorious union Image Meathead!/ Instagram

We’ve seen our share of crazy fast food combinations down the years, but the newest offering, called the Meatzza, has to be up there with the best ever. 

Meathead! Restaurant in California has been gaining popularity thanks to their avant-garde approach to fast food. Customers can order from their range of burger offerings and ask to have it done Meatzza style.

This means that instead of regular buns the burger of choice gets a pepperoni and gooey cheese-topped pizza addition. Sounds like messy, fast food heaven on earth.

The cheese used is Muenster, and the decadent meal usually comes with giant onion rings or tater tots. Their Notorious P.I.G tater tots are covered with jalapeño cheese, bacon, salsa and loads of other delicious stuff too.

Sadly, it’s not available in the UK yet, but we need this in London immediately. The closest version at the moment is the Pizza Burger or The Pilgrim Burger from East London eatery The Blues Kitchen, but that’s more a fancy and deconstructed version of a simple food union.

Our double burger BEEF BEEF done #meatzza style! #eaterla #pizza #cheeseburger #dtla #grandopening

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They can learn a thing or two from the Meatzza – which costs a mere $4, a bargain when compared to the £15 pounds a Pilgrim Burger will set you back.

Image The Blues Kitchen

Since Meathead! Only recently opened in LA, we can’t expect a London crossover any time soon, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We’re going to need someone to steal this idea ASAP. That, or loaded will try its hand at recreating the Meatzza – which can only end badly.

Please, someone in the UK make the Meatzza happen. 

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