Had A Heavy Night? This Miracle Hangover Pill May Be The Answer

No more regrets

Three stars from the Hangover.
Hangovers They happen. Image Warner Bros.

Hangovers are the worst, it’s an acutely-felt punishment for the revelry and alcohol fueled hedonism from the day or night before.

But we may not have to worry about them for much longer because a company called Hangover Stopper” has created a product aimed at stopping the wicked hangover in its tracks. No longer will we have to resort to the disgusting remedial methods of the past that involve things like raw eggs and Tabasco.

Rated number one on Hangoverreview.com the all-natural pill first made an appearance in 1996 and is medically proven to work, though not FDA approved yet. This is in part due to the fact that a hangover is not an actual disease or life threatening illness though it sure can feel like it.

Hangover Stopper is made from high quality medical grade activated carbon which upon ingesting will bind to the alcoholic toxins in your stomach and intestines before they can raise hell on the rest of your body.

The recommended dose is two 350 mg pills before drinking, two pills while drinking and two pills after drinking.

Other uses for this nifty pill include detoxifying your body even if you haven’t been having a tipple too many.

Interesting fact per the website:

“Did you know a single dose of HangoverStopper has the surface area of 120 football fields?”

Not quite sure how that works but let’s just let it slide for now.

You can buy HangoverStopper through the website for USD $14.99.

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