Pikotaro Strikes Viral YouTube Gold With The Horrific ‘I Like OJ’

The Japanese comedian and pop star previously scored big with Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.

Pikotaro on YouTube.
Pikotaro is back And more annoying than ever. Image Pikotaro/YouTube

Pikotaro, the Japanese pop star and self-styled comedian behind the insanely annoying viral hit Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP), is back and more aggravating than ever.

Released back in September 2016, PPAP hit the top of the charts in Japan and became a global viral video sensation, amassing some 108 million views and counting on YouTube.

He quickly followed it up with Neo Sunglasses, a little ditty about his newly-purchased pair of shades, which racked up close to 18 million hits on the video streaming site, despite being utter dross.

And the arrival of a new year means another new tune from the man who makes Gangnam Style’s Psy look like Bob Dylan.

This particular effort is called “I Like OJ” and to call it simplistic would be an understatement.

With a video featuring Pikotaro with the letters “O” and “J” written on either hand, you’d think this would be a step too far for the Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown of the Far East. But you would be wrong.

In the space of just a couple of short days, the track has racked up almost four million views, helped perhaps by the fact it has a mercifully short running time of 1:22.

Mind you, if the comments below the video are anything to go by, it would appear that Pikotaro is starting to alienate some of his audience.

“Is I am the only one who think it sucks?” Yogesh Gosavi writes, in a statement he may well wish he had read through before posting.

“This guy is SERIOUSLY obsessed with fruits,” Akash Raj observes.

But we’ll let YouTuber Vaportrail have the final word.

“This song? No no no no no no.”

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