Piers Morgan Goes Full David Brent On GMB After Being Called Bell-End

Susanna Reid honestly didn’t know where to look…

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan The controversial GMB host Image Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Piers Morgan successfully channelled his inner David Brent during a rant aimed at a Good Morning Britain viewer who contacted him on Twitter during the show to call him a bell-end

The message came after a heated discussion on the subject of teachers and the recent criticism aimed tat the harsh marking of primary school SATS exams.

Piers being Piers, questioned whether the results were actually unfair at all, prompting a barrage of messages online that Morgan then felt the need to share with the viewers at home.

One message from Twitter user Arron Scammell, in particular, got his goat with the Twitter user laying into Morgan over his comments and labelling him a bell-end in the process – via some rather nifty emoji work.

Morgan, keen to take advantage of his platform as the host of a show watched by millions, decided to try and embarrass Scammell on live TV by calling him out … for his grammar:

“My message to you Arron is look in your own bell and go back to school and apply the right discipline to education I’m talking about, then you wouldn’t make five spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in one 140 letter tweet.

“That’s one of the worst tweets I’ve ever had, lecturing me about how to educate our children.

“You Arron are exactly what’s wrong with this country, so let me continue to offer education to our much-needed children and you take your bell and head back to bed.”


Co-host Susanna Reid could only look on in pain as the rant progressed, giving off the kind of vibe last seen on The Office, during one of Brent’s many, many off-piste proclamations.

It’s probably worth noting also that, from the looks of things, Arron is definitely not “what’s wrong with this country” but a loving father and husband who works offshore as a scaffolder in the North Sea.

Morgan may have a better command of the English language but then he is a former newspaper editor, so it’s hardly that great an achievement.

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