Piers Morgan Destroys Tommy Robinson On Good Morning Britain

The English Defence League leader was attempting to spark a debate on the Quran.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan The controversial GMB host Image Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Piers Morgan launched a scathing attack on former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The one-time leader of the far-right street protest movement was on the ITV breakfast show to discuss the Finsbury Park terrorist attack.

But what started as a civilised conversation soon descended into something rather unsavoury with Robinson using the appearance to hit out at the Quran as a “violent and cursed book”.

It didn’t go down well with host Morgan, who was quick to slam Robinson for his comments, branding the ex-EDL man a “bigoted lunatic” who should “shoiw some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs”.

“You are an Islamophobe who hates Islam, you basically think all Muslims are to blame. What you are doing now is deliberately inflammatory, its deliberately poisonous, and you are having the complete opposite effect to the one you say you have,” he added.


The appearance has divided fans online with some coming out in support of Morgan… 

…while others condemned GMB for even giving Robinson the platform to express his opinions in the first place…

Morgan, meanwhile, remained unapologetic at shouting down the ex-EDL man given the circumstances…

10 people were injured and one man died when a van mounted a pavement near Finsbury Park and deliberately hit a group of Muslim worshippers attending evening prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

A 47-year-old white male was arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences as a result.

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