Physics Is Screwed If British Engineer’s Engine Works

Blinding you, with Science!


British Aerospace engineer Roger Shawyer is trying to destroy Physics as we know it, and all from the comfort of a quaint seaside town in Hampshire.

The EMdrive is a small device/engine which Ars Technica is hilariously calling, “the WTF-Thruster.”

WTF Indeed, but while it has many scratching their heads, loaded is on hand to explain just what the hell is going on.

16 years ago, Shawyer created a device that he claimed could “produce thrust without propellant.”

That means it doesn’t emit anything out the back to push it forward, like all the thrust-y poofy stuff from a rocket when it hurtles up into the heavens.

It’s small, about the size of a microwave and completely dispels Newton’s third law of motion, you know the one; “to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.”

Well the EMdrive has no reaction, it simply acts albeit on a minor scale. According to Forbes magazine, “If the EMdrive is truly reactionless, then Newton is wrong. Also, Einstein is wrong, Maxwell is wrong and all of quantum physics is wrong.”

It’s NASA’s fault as well, thanks to Eagleworks, the advanced propulsion physics laboratory in Houston who over the weekend fluffed the feathers of many a physicist with their paper proposing that this device could in fact, work.

So what does this mean for the future? Space travel could be closer than we think.

And that means aliens people. Aliens. 

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