The Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment: Fact Or Fiction?

The story of the USS Eldridge is one well known by conspiracy theorists.

The USS Eldridge

Depending on who you speak to, the story of the Philadelphia Experiment is either one of the more outlandish conspiracy theories to come out of the US or a story so disturbing and other-worldly that it almost doesn’t bear thinking about.

The story began back in October of 1943 when several crew members aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth reporting seeing a ship appear out of thin air.

As the legend goes, the ship identified as the USS Eldridge is said to have come all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by strange and mysterious means – according to some it had disappeared near its moorings before appearing right there and then.

Teleportation, or at least that was what some believed., with a man named Carlos Allende who had been aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth the source of much of the rumour.

He believed that the disappearance and reappearance had been possible thanks to Einstein’s unified field theory but there are plenty who have dismissed these claims.

And you would hope the sceptics were correct given some of the harrowing details offered up in the legend.

According to various sources, the main reason the Philadelphia Experiment was never repeated was because of the carnage it left behind.

The USS Eldridge

After the supposed teleportation was complete, some men on board are said to have disappeared into thin air, while others were sent mad by the experiment.

Then there were apparently an unfortunate few who found themselves fused with objects on the ship. In any case, there has never been a report of an experiment like it since.

Of course, there is plenty of evidence to suggest all of the above claims are hogwash.

For starters, reports suggest the SS Andrew Furuseth was nowhere near the Eldridge at the time, while the man in command of the Eldridge has disputed the claims.

An Office of Naval Research investigation failed to dig up any evidence, claiming there was no proof of any such experiments involving teleportation or cloaking.

But why would they admit to such experiments anyway? Especially ones that resulted in a loss of life?

With many claiming that the raft of recent UFO sightings in the US are actually the result of top secret US testing on advanced weaponry, it wouldn’t be the biggest shock if at least some grain of truth existed in this story.

Ultimately, however, we may never know the truth.

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