Peter Schmeichel Once Got Burned On The Penis In Prank Gone Wrong

This time, it wasn’t just Peter’s nose that was red.

Peter Schmeichel Manchester United
Peter Schmeichel The Manchester United goalkeeping legend. Image Getty

Football fans will remember Peter Schmeichel bellowing out orders to his Manchester United defenders during the club’s Premier League heyday.

The Dane was famed for his bright red nose, but on one occasion the goalkeeper saw another part of his anatomy turn red – and in incredibly painful circumstances.

The man responsible for this crippling case of scolded dick is none other than Nicky Butt, ex-United midfield general and current youth academy chief at the club.

Butt explained the whole incident to Dream Team FC, and you won’t be surprised to learn that the prank sent Schmeichel into a red hot rage.

“Peter Schmeichel came out of the shower completely naked and stood with his backside inches from the bed…”

“So many people have got this story wrong over the years. But this is what actually happened,” Butt explained. “I was a young United apprentice at the time and we were all in the dressing room at Carrington after a training session.

“There was a huge tea urn on the treatment table in the middle of the room so I got a hot cup of tea and sat under the table. Peter Schmeichel came out of the shower completely naked and stood with his backside inches from the bed.

“I thought it would be funny to take the hot teaspoon out of my tea and put it close to his backside to see if he noticed.

“Unfortunately, at that very moment he suddenly turned around and before I could move my hand, the scalding hot spoon came into contact with the end of his manhood!

“I never meant to do it but it burnt him on the most painful part imaginable. You’ve never heard a scream like it.

“While the other players were falling about laughing, Peter chased me out of the room and all around the training ground for what felt like hours.

“Thankfully he never caught me and to be honest I’m still running from him now.”

This whole incident might make Nicky Butt the ultimate Red Devil.

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