Petcercise: The Barking Mad Exercise Craze Where You Get Fit With Your Pet

It gives a whole new meaning to the term "downward dog".

Petcercise classes.

Fitness enthusiasts are purring over the latest workout craze: petcercising.

Petcercise refers to the practice of exercising with your pet at home and it’s already taken the UK by storm with around 65 per cent of the population choosing man’s best friend as their workout buddy of choice.

Unbelievably, over half of those polled (51 per cent) say that their pets provide some much-needed motivation while 46 per cent rely on their furry friends for moral support and see them far less intimidating than their fellow humans.

Until recently, some (33 per cent) even felt the intimidation of the standard gym setting made it difficult to get fit, preferring to stay at home while a few (25 per cent) simply wanted to avoid feeling judged.

However, steps have been taken to bring petcercise into the mainstream with the launch of House of Fitness, a new type of gym that does away with the mirrors, pumping techno and harsh lighting of ordinary gyms.

Petcercise classes.

It’s been put together by Argos, with calming music, soft lighting and enchanting scents employed to help relax and motivate.

More importantly, Petcercise classes are being offered as standard at the new facility on
62-64 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4AR.

Should the classes prove popular than the petcercise phenomenon could spread even further and may one day rival unique fitness classes like beer yoga for offering brilliantly unique fitness options to suit everyone.

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