Pull Off A The Perfect Christmas Prank With These Hilarious Cards

Send an annoying message to someone this festive season.

Christmas prank
The perfect prank

Christmas Cards are a great way of catching up with friends and family, with a staggereing 900 million cards sent in the UK alone last year.

However, what with us British being so damn polite we often end up sending Christmas cards to people we don’t like in the first place. This year though, instead of sending false messages of goodwill, wouldn’t it be great to use Christmas cards as a chance to pull off a brilliant prank?

That’s where the guys at Joker Greetings Card come in. The company has created the Recordable Prank card, which lets you pull off a very personalised trick on the recipient.

The sender can record audio using a built in microphone, and leave a personal message – the more annoying/rude the better.

Brilliantly, once the recipient opens the card, the message repeats, and repeats, and repeats…

In fact, the message cannot be turned off, and pressing the ‘stop’ button only makes it louder. The only way it can be stopped is by completely destroying the car, which is pretty hilarious.

To top it all off, the card is full of annoying glitter, which will fall out all over the floor once opened.

Leave the normal Christmas cards alone this year, and pull off the perfect prank instead – you know you want to.

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