Scientists Have Discovered The Perfect Boob Size Men Love The Best

Does size really matter?

Libby Powell
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For centuries there was only one debate when it came to men’s preferences in women’s figures – boobs or bum?

It used to be easy – you were one of the other, and you knew where you stood. But in more recent years, everything’s got a whole lot more tricky.

In fact, it turns out the next big debate is what type of boobs men tend to go for. Man, this is getting complicated…

As The Daily Star reports, researchers at Prague’s Charles University have attempted to find which type of breast men find the most attractive, and they quizzed 267 from all over the world to find out.

So what’s the verdict? Well, you might assume that for most men, bigger is better, but actually, you’d be damn wrong.

In fact, most men studied said they preferred a medium-sized chest over large or small.

Abigail Ratchford
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Perhaps less surprisingly though, men all said they preferred firm breasts, and showed a preference for perky boobs over larger ones.

What’s the reason behind the results? Well, the study suggests that men may opt for perky, medium size breasts, as larger breasts can lose perkiness in later life.

Ultimately though, whichever boob camp you’re in – big, small, perky, medium or firm – we’re sure you’ll agree they’re all worth celebrating. 

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