The World’s First Peperami Art Exhibition Is Coming To The UK

Banksy can do one – it’s Beefsy’s time to shine.

Some Peperami artwork.
Peperami is art. Some meaty masterpieces.

French artist Edgar Degas once famously declared “art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” So if like loaded, you view the sight of a Peperami sausage as a sight to behold, then there’s good news.

Because the world’s first Peperami art exhibition is coming to London and is fast shaping up to be a must-see for anyone who likes their culture a little meatier.

Eager move away from the pretentious trappings of modern art, Beefsy: A Study In Sausage is a celebration of art in its various meat-based forms.

The works on display will include beefed-up replicas of some of the most famous artworks on the planet, as well as some eye-catching new pieces built around the medium of Peperami.

There’s even a little bit of Tracey Emin about the new exhibition, which also includes some interactive hands-on pieces, like a salami-led tribute to Emin’s infamous “unmade bed” piece.

It’s all about promoting the most exciting YBAs (young beefy artists) on the scene today and the brand new premium Beef Peperami range.

Beefsy, The Peperami Animal’s arty alter-ego, explains: “The world is suffering from an over-exposure to pathetic pictures of lentil lunches. I don’t give a flying SAUSAGE about your avocado atrocity!! What everyone needs is an injection of unashamedly BEEFY brilliance. What the world needs is a beefy muse. So I’ve decided I couldn’t deprive my meatheads of the genius of BEEFSY any longer!”


BEEFSY: A Study in Sausage takes place from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October at 15 Bateman Street London, W1D 3AQ.

Entry is free and there will also be Peperami samples available to enjoy alongside some truly astonishing works of meat-based art. The event is entirely unsuitable for vegetarians, who are avoided to stay at home and cuddle some kale.

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