Pepe’s 7 Craziest Moments For Portugal And Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s nutcase in chief has got himself in a fair bit of trouble over the years.

Pepe getting sent off for Real Madrid.
Pepe In a familiar situation Image Getty

For 10 years and some 334 games for Real Madrid, Portugal defender Pepe has terrorised opposition players in almost every sense of the word.

A multiple La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League winner with Real, the stopper has also been crowned a European Champion with Portugal in a decade of incredible success.

There have been casualties along the way though, with Pepe’s tough-as-nails approach to the game often resulting in a few hefty challenges that have, at times, bordered on assault.

With that in mind, it’s time loaded paid tribute to the Real Madrid mad man with a rundown of his seven craziest moments for Los Blancos and Portugal alike – enjoy!


Dani Alves


El Clasico encounters are always feisty affairs and this particular occasion proved no different with Pepe showing an incredible burst of pace to leave Dani Alves on his arse. 




Proof that even Pepe’s own teammates aren’t safe from his savagery came during a La Liga encounter in which the defender “accidentally” karate kicked Sergio Ramos in the nuts. Ramos, indeed. 


Thomas Muller


It’s hot and your trailing Germany 2-0 after just half an hour of a crucial World Cup encounter. Now is not the time to lose your head or fall for the tricks of serial wind-up merchant Thomas Muller. Alas, no one told Pepe, who proceeded to do exactly that. And then headbutt him. 


Lionel Messi


Pepe does not always behave like a wild animal on the pitch, of course. No, sometimes his skullduggery is a little more sophisticated, like the time he accidentally/deliberately trod on Messi’s fingers during yet again another fiery El Clasico. Oops.


Aly Cissokho


There’s clearing the ball and then there’s clearing the ball, Pepe style, which usually involves a fair amount of follow through (not like that) at the expense of the opposing defender. Aly Cissokho, then of Lyon, genuinely looks like he didn’t know what hit him.




What should have been a fun enough friendly between the two Selecaos of world football, Brazil and Portugal, soon turned nasty when Brazil-born Portugal international Pepe decided to spice things up with a few tasty tackles. This particular back of the calf reducer was the high/low point.


Javier Casquero


Far and away Pepe’s craziest moment on a football pitch came during a La Liga encounter with Getafe. Drawing 2-2 in the final munutes of the game, Pepe brought down midfielder Javier Casquero in the penalty area before proceeding to quite literally kick the shit out of him.

He want on to push his head into the turf and stamp on Casquero before striking another player in the face during the resulting melee. He received an entirely justified 10-game ban for his troubles.

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