Coins Are Being Found Sealed In MacBook Hardware And Apple Doesn’t Know Why

We're trying to make cents of it.

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We all know MacBooks can take a chunk out of your wallet, well now we have substantial proof.

People have been finding actual money in the bowels of their Apple laptops.

Since 2010, MacBook owners have been discovering coins in their device’s SuperDrive component, tucked neatly under the plastic covering, with no hint of how it got there. 

All one has to do is type in the words “coin in super drive” and there are countless pictures of American and Canadian pennies or quarters trapped in the computer, neatly fitted on the circular bit. We are tech wizards here at loaded.

Said Imgur user Greatease, “found a penny inside my MacBook Pro and can’t work out how the fuck it got there!” The photos he posted are below.


Indeed, how the fuck did it get there? Well no one knows, not even Apple.

A reddit user commented on the occurrence, “That’s what the AppleCare guy I did a live-chat with said! He had never heard of it, nor had any info at his disposal that made mention of it. I’m just going to take joy in having won the penny-lottery!”

The mystery surrounding this anomaly is causing many to cry conspiracy, though others claim there is a reasonable explanation.

“I read somewhere that they’ll sometimes add in a penny or quarter as a spacer to rid any additional space that may cause unnecessary vibrations to the device. Last time I saw something similar, they used a quarter as a wedge.” writes reddit user f937r.

So there you go, either this is a giant conspiracy meant to drive us all mad with worry or a simple technical quirk.

Either way it makes no cents.

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