The Pentagon Has A Real Team In Place To Deal With An Alien Attack

Should we be relieved. Or worried?

Independence Day White House scene
White House Down Independence Day's iconic landmark obliteration. Image Picture 20th Century Fox

The threat of an alien attack might seem like Hollywood fantasy, but the worry is big enough for the US government to assemble a team of experts to deal with it.

This revelation comes from screenwriter Eric Heisserer, who spoke to one of these covert extra-terrestrial experts while researching his new film Arrival. The sci-fi drama centres on Amy Adams’s linguist being sent to communicate with aliens after they land on Earth.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Heisserer described this crack team of alien attack experts as “the nerd version of Avengers”.

“There is a binder for first contact scenarios… a protocol gets activated.”

“We had many interviews with some scientific personal, who I can’t name for confidentiality reasons, who are actually on a team,” he said.

“There is a binder for first contact scenarios… a protocol gets activated, and a handful of people get called. In real life, that exists. In part of the, it’s in the Pentagon somewhere, they bring that binder out and they start by calling everybody together.

“So the nerd version of Avengers assemble in this situation, and there’s a good contingent of scientists, and we got to talk to two of them. And [we] got a sense of the amount of steps [that occur] between getting a crew together and making that first contact.”

The idea is startlingly similar to events that play out in Arrival. So should aliens visit in giant Terry’s Chocolate Orange-shaped craft the likely scenario is Earth will use brains instead of brawn – less Independence Day, more Jodie Foster’s Contact.

Or with Donald Trump now hovering over the red nuclear button, maybe things won’t be quite so civil…

Watch Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner talk to loaded about Arrival below:

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