Study Reveals Human Males Actually Used To Have A Penis Bone

Penis bone. Once again, penis bone.


Human males may be one of the only mammals in existence not to have a penis bone or “baculum” but that wasn’t always the case.

According to a Royal Society research paper from University College London academics Kit Opie and Matilda Brindle the evolutionary change that saw the human penis bone all but disappear was connected to the fact humans increasingly opted to engage in monogamous relationships.

Using monkeys as a jump off point, they found that the baculum or penis bonecorrelated with promiscuity or how much sex wasbeing had.

Basically it’s purpose, according to the study was to “physically support and protect the male’s penis, and assists the transfer of semen towards a female’s cervix.”

That in itself played a role in what the study calls “facilitating prolonged intromission”whichhelped increase “reproductive success by delaying females from re-mating.”

The penis bone helps them stay engaged for a long time, discouraging others to have a go. Having lots of offspring determines power. They noticed this behaviour in Chimpanzees and Macaques who are packing small and rather large situations respectively. So what happened to human dudes?

1.9 million years ago, human beings stopped fighting each other off in mating rituals and started partnering up, allowing the male to throw in a quick one and impregnate their mate whenever they wanted. No stress. No competition.

Therefore evolution stepped in and started altering the structure of the human penis to adapt to this new social system. The penis bone disappeared.


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