A Professor Claims The Peace Sign In Selfies Will Expose Your Fingerprints To Hackers

Fingers down

Japanese people have been given cause for concern over the ubiquitous peace sign selfie. Apparently, if you’re doing it, you’re asking for identity theft.

As reported on Rocket News 24, Isao Echizen, a professor at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics, has found that selfies containing the two finger salute are dangerous because of new technology available to capture fingerprints.

Prof. Echizen said ‘your fingerprint data can be derived from a photo of your fingertips’.



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The professor conducted a series of experiments to support his suspicions, and discovered he was able to obtain data from a photo taken as far as three metres away.

Researchers also found those most at risk are celebrities, due to the amount of images of them available on the internet – and they thought the iCloud was their biggest worry.

The solution may be to create a new hand pose in a selfie, one focusing on the back of your hand as opposed to the precious fingertips, for instance, if you’re British, turn it around and flip the world off. 


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To tackle the potential threat, Prof. Echizen has created a substance that can prevent fingerprint robbery, reported by Metro as ‘a titanium oxide-based substance which obscures fingerprints in the shot’.



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loaded suggests not giving peace a chance on Instagram, folks. 

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