Paula Patton on those teeth in Warcraft: “It was a challenge”

The Warcraft star spoke to Loaded about getting into the role of half-orc, half-human

Pre-Warcraft Paula Patton She's not naturally green, you know Image YouTube

One of the biggest challenges Paula Patton faced while filming Warcraft was getting used to the rather unique teeth she was fitted with.

Patton plays Garona Halforcen, a half-human, half-orc, in the big screen version of the computer game favourite, which is due for release this Friday.

It was a role that required the 40-year-old actor to not only green-up – Incredible Hulk style –  to fit in with her clan mates, but also saw Patton fitted with a rather unique set of Gnashers.

Paula Patton as Garona in Warcraft
Lady Orc Paula Patton as Garona in Warcraft. Image Picture Universal

Speaking exclusively to Loaded ahead of the film’s release, Patton admitted it took her a while to get used to them.

“It was a challenge to make it comfortable in my mouth so I had to wear them often,” she said.

“[I would wear them] in the house, with my kid and scare him a bit. He actually liked them.

“But then I really came to embrace it – it felt like that was who Garona was – it was the last finishing touch to making me half-orc half-human.”

Paula Patton
Paula Patton Minus the Warcraft makeuo. And clothes

The 40-year-old ex-wife of pop lothario Robin Thicke is set for a busy couple of weeks.

Netflix will release the latest in Adam Sandler’s new series of films made exclusively for the streaming service, with Patton set for a major role in his latest offering, “The Do Over” which will be available to watch from May 27.

You have to wonder which is worse – wearing uncomfortable dentures for an entire movie or making an entire movie while feeling uncomfortable alongside Adam Sandler.

We know which one we would prefer.

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