Paula Patton addresses racial debate surrounding Warcraft movie

The actor plays a half-orc, half-human in Duncan Jones’ big screen version of the game

Paula Patton has moved to clarify the intentions behind new movie Warcraft, following some discussion over whether the film would avoid the accusations of racist overtones the games previously faced.

Writing in Little White Lies, David Moya expressed some concerns that the film would face the same pitfalls.

In particular, he pointed to World of Warcraft’s habit for “cultural and historical appropriation” with the Horde of Orcs potentially inspired by the Golden Horde of Mongols that invaded Europe in the 13th century.

The Guardian’s Steve Rose, meanwhile, has also voiced some worry that in this time of “immigration anxiety” a film about a predominately white European realm invaded by “dark skinned hordes” was potentially problematic.

Paula Patton as Garona in Warcraft
Lady Orc Paula Patton as Garona in Warcraft. Image Picture Universal

Despite these criticisms, Patton believes that the idea of a racial divide between the Orcs and humans, while intentional, was done to highlight the divides created when two countries – or tribes in this instance – go to war, rather than anything else.

“It wasn’t made with that intention [of focusing on race] but certainly that is the idea [of a divide].”

“Something that humanity has been dealing with for a long time is wars and what they mean – and can you see what is common between two people regardless of culture and tradition.”

“We are all still living beings – we love the same, feel anger, feel pain. And I can say this much – when Warcraft ends you will not think war is a good.”

Warcraft is out on Monday, May 30 while Patton also features in Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix comedy The Do Over, which is out now.

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