Patrick Stewart Is Voicing The Poo Emoji In The Emoji Movie

You thought you had a crappy job…

Emoji Movie star Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart Professor Charles Xavier to you. Image Getty Images

He’s one of Britain’s finest Shakespearian actors, and he’s also loved by Star Trek fans for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, but Patrick Stweart’s next role is a little… different to anything he’s ever done before.

It’s been revealed that the actor will star in the upcoming Emoji Movie, which is somehow still a thing that’s happening, as reported by The Guardian.

He’ll play one of the most commonly used icons in the new film too – The poo emoji.

Stewart has played some of the most challenging roles in theatre, film and TV down the years, but this might be his toughest acting gig yet.

Poo Emoji
Poo Emoji No laughing matter

He’ll provide the voice for the emoji – known as Poop in the film – alongside Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller, Ilana Glazer and James Corden.

The film focuses on an emoji who’s miraculously born with the ability to show multiple emotions and icons. After discovering his unique talent, he jets off on a fun adventure around a teenager’s phone.

The Emoji Movie is due for release on August 3. A teaser trailer was previously released for the film, and was met with largely negative feedback online. Watch it below:

American Pie’s Jennifer Coolidge (of Stiffler’s mom fame), and Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph will also voice characters in the movie.

As well as voicing the poo emoji, Stewart is also set to appear in the upcoming Wolverine movie Logan later this year.

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