Pat Butcher From Eastenders Leads Celeb Line-Up For Weed Road Trip Series

She’ll be travelling across the US with the likes of John Fashanu and Christopher Biggins.

Let's get high with Pat Butcher.

Alan Partridge doesn’t make TV shows, but if he did they would probably be a lot like ITV’s new reality series venture, “Gone To Pot”, where a random assortment of celebrities hit the road to explore America’s thriving weed industry.

The new three-part series sees six celebs board a bus for a magical mystery marijuana tour of the US, exploring the country’s medicinal and recreational use of the drug.

It’s got a pretty incredible lineup of names too. There’s Birds of a Feather star and Loose Women panellist Linda Robson, someone who has featured on more reality shows than you’ve had hot dinners.

Christopher Biggins is there too because…well, it’s Biggins, he doesn’t need an excuse, plus he probably had some downtime between pantos.

Darts legend Bobby George is there too along with ex-footballer, Gladiators host and all round mentalist John Fashanu – possibly the one guy you wouldn’t want to get ever stoned with.

Last but definitely not least is Pam St Clement Aka Pat Butcher from the BBC One soap Eastenders. Pam turned Pat into a national institution during her time on the show, with the character known for her love of fags, Frank Butcher (R.I.P. Mike Reid) and gaudy earrings.

Now she’s back and ready to smoke weed in telly alongside a bloke famous for shouting the word “awoooogaahh!” and honestly, here at loaded we’re so happy we could cry. On a serious note, each of the names on the show has been chosen because of their own personal desire to find out about the use of the drug.

They will visit states where marijuana has been legalised and meet people who have enjoyed positive and negative experiences as a result of the drug.

Gone to Pot on ITV.
Gone To Pot. What the hell is going on?

Kate Teckman, commissioning editor at ITV, said: “ITV prides itself on tackling issues that get the great British public talking. This group of well-loved personalities will each have a very personal reason for undertaking this journey – it’s sure to be a trip they will never forget.”  

The issue of legalisation remains a subject of much debate in the UK. Marijuana has been reported to ease symptoms of arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and several other conditions.

It remains one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in the UK, with frequent and prolonged use found to be detrimental to physical and mental health.

Still, that’s not going to stop stoners up and down the country getting high and watching Pat Butcher inhaling on a bong in the name of light entertainment, is it?

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