Guy Turns Flatmate’s Passive Aggressive Notes Into Prank Exhibition

This hilarious 'modern art exhibition' is going viral.

Flatmate prank
Flatmate prank Modern art? Image Twitter/@justincousson

We’ve all lived with those annoying people who leave notes everywhere, haven’t we?

You know score with these guys – leave some washing-up on the side? Note. Use someone else’s plate? Note. Don’t clean up after having people round? You guessed it – note. (By the way, if this doesn’t sound familiar to you, then you’re probably the guy that leaves the notes…)

Now, a comedian has hit back at his note-leaving flatmate in the best way possible, after turning the passive aggressive messages into a hilarious mock art exhibition.

As part of an elaborate prank, Twitter user Justin Cousson created a fake exhibition out of the passive aggressive notes, which has gone viral on the social media site.

Cousson posted pictures of a series of hilarious ‘artworks’, which include a used spoon, a dirty knife and dodgy milk, all of which have angered his flatmate enough to cause him to leave a note.

“My passive-aggressive art gallery is thriving, although some critics don’t care for my emphasis on found pieces,” he wrote.

‘Forgotten milk, left to actively go rancid in fridge far beyond sell-by date’ is also included in the exhibition, and it might be the best of the lot.

The joke auction features some outrageous fake prices too, with the milk alone priced up at $900.

If, like loaded, you’re a messy housemate, it’s great to see – fingers crossed those neat freaks will think twice about leaving awful passive-aggressive notes after seeing this…

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