Paris Monroe: the teacher branded too sexy for school

The fourth grade educator from Atlanta, Georgia is proving popular on Instagram.

A collage from Paris Malone's Instagram account.
Too sexy for school? You decide. Image Paris Malone Instagram

When the writers at loaded attended primary school, our teachers were strict, elderly types, keen on imparting education alongside a little wisdom and a heavy dollop of discipline for good measure.

Those formative years were tough on all of us, kind of like Dead Poets Society for young infants, except in this version Robin Williams’ Mr Keating never turned up.

So when we got wind of Paris Monroe, the teacher being described as simply too sexy for education by some narrow-minded souls out there, we felt it was time to take a stand.

Paris Monroe on Instagram.

A graduate of Alabama State University, Monroe is no slouch and, from the looks of her beautifully managed classroom, is doing a damn fine job at the Atlanta elementary school she works for.

Unfortunately for Monroe, she also happens to be something of a stunner and it’s this status, coupled with her regular Instagram uploads, that have earned her the hashtag #TeacherBae on Twitter.

She’s also been given the title of “sexiest teacher on Instagram” all of which has gone some way toward generating a few potentially stern looking emojis from concerned parents online.

Paris Monroe on Instagram.

Quite what their gripe is – she teaches fourth grade boys, most of whom think girls are yucky – is anybody’s guess, but it hasn’t prevented Monroe from garnering a cult following online.

The budding teacher has already amassed 123,000 followers on Instagram and, with the school year still young, is likely to gain even more in the coming weeks and months.

Paris Monroe on Instagram.

She’s far from just a pretty face too, with plenty of posts commenting on everything from literature to history and culture.

Things are looking pretty good for the education system in the US right now.

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